Rue Royale

Douglas MacDonald has been carving, sculpting, casting and finishing amazing concrete pieces for several years. Each of his pieces from wall plaques to the garden moon are completely weatherproof to withstand all the elements including winter. He has just recently added the king to his queen planter with plans for the remainder of the royal court. Watch for it!

Another project of Doug’s over the past year has been the creation of a full chess set. Pieces are approximately 17″ high and available separately.

Inspired by decorative stonework that adorns heritage and historic buildings , Douglas MacDonald – formerly a commercial photographer – has been sculpting and casting a myriad of gargoyles, grotesques, and green men for over 25 years.

Wander through the historic district of any major city like Ottawa and look up.  You’ll see stone carved grotesques or chimerae, strange and fantastical figures that were used to portray entities that populated the folk lore of the 18th century.  When pipes are added for water runoff from the roofs these grotesques become gargoyles while a green man is a sculpture of a face that appears to be formed by greenery – leaves, branches, or vines. 

With a keen eye for today’s gardens, Douglas has adapted this ancient stone art to a new medium that is fun and affordable for anyone.  

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